High School Girls Love SheTech

Support thousands of high school girls exploring and experiencing technology!

SheTech helps girls discover the opportunities in STEM, and importantly, how they already have the skills to be successful!  Girls who participate will get access to internship opportunities, they will receive a SheTech certificate they can use in future job applications, and they get access to pathway information and scholarships. Plus they meet and work with people in the industry.

  • Inspire girls to learn about STEM in a fun and engaging environment
  • Demonstrate what STEM careers look like
  • Engage girls in teams to solve a STEM challenge and win prizes
  • Introduce girls to industry mentors in hands-workshops and TechZones booths
  • Pathway young women to STEM education, certifications, and internships

SheTech Impact by the numbers:

  • By the end of 2019, 14 SheTech Explorer Days will have happened in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho.
  • By 2019, 13,500+ students will have participated in the program
  • SheTech participants report 94% better understanding of STEM careers and 91% greater interest in STEM degrees and careers.
  • In 2018, Over 150 companies sponsored, taught workshops, TechZone booths, and/or mentored TechChallenge
  • In 2018, 500+ industry mentors participated in SheTech

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SheTech Explorer Day April 15th 2020