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SheTech Idaho 2018

Explorer Day Schedule

May 15th @ Boise State University

7:45 AM
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
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1:30 PM

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Workshop Descriptions


Benefits of Failing 

The fear of failing can be paralyzing. Whether in product development or your personal life, fear can block you from starting something new or keep you from finishing something amazing. Learn how to conquer your fear, embrace and celebrate failure, and turn failure into a step toward personal and professional success.

Benefits of Radiation and Careers that Lean on Physics

A surprising number of consumer products contain radioactive materials. In some, the radioactive material is a working part of the product. In others, radiation is present because one of its components contains naturally-occurring radiation materials. In all cases, it is important to understand the impact that radiation has on public health and the environment. Students will use a Geiger Counter on a variety of consumer goods to identify which of them contain radiation, and everyone should be prepared to be surprised! You will also learn about what Health Physics is and the career options there are in this field.

Design Better Products for a Better World

Have you ever looked at a product and thought, Even I Could Improve Upon That Design!  Well, you’re right, you can!  And what’s even better, is you can make a living doing it.  This workshop will walk you through the principles of Product Design and, together, students will take an everyday problem and build concepts around it to show new and innovative ways of solving it.  They will also be given tips on how to take a concept and put it through engineering and prototyping.

Design It

This workshop will teach you how to solve big problems and test new ideas quickly! Inspired by the book Sprint by Jake Knapp we are going to take you through a 5 day design sprint in 1 hour. Along the way you’ll learn how to break down ideas, find the root of the problem, create solutions, and iterate on those solutions until you find you’re winning idea.

Doing What You Love: Find it, Practice It, Live It

Whether in school or career, we believe following your passions and interests inspires happiness and success!  And although it sounds easy,  it can sometimes be difficult to identify exactly what our desires are or how to take them to the next level.  In this dynamic workshop, students will learn to identify interests and passions, and discover how to find opportunities, to practice and demonstrate them.  Get ready to be one step closer to being prepared for University and Beyond.

Environmental Engineering and Wastewater Management

Most people may never think about wastewater, where it goes or the complexities involved in treating it.  There is also a growing need for people to understand water conservation efforts and water rights that often get overlooked, and yet are critical to our existence.  Students who participate in this workshop will learn what it takes to be a leader for protecting and improving the water environment, be able to discuss local issues and current events surrounding water rights and will walk out with a base understanding of how essential professions that deal with water management really are.

Girls Who Code

No experience required!  This workshop is a great introduction to coding and will inspire students to push boundaries and challenge the status quo.  Join the HP WIN team and ignite your inner-geek while you learn the fundamentals of coding and gain an understanding of all the possibilities the world has to offer to Girls Who Code.

Hack the Gender Gap #CyberGrls

Hack the Gender Gap is a workshop focused on introducing young women to the exciting and up and coming field of Cyber Security! Cyber Security impacts everything, with a multitude of career paths offered in the industry that allow professionals to truly customize their careers around both their passions and skills. Everything from ethically hacking networks, reacting to incidents and breaches, understanding new cyber threats and deploying mitigations to defend against them, to even understanding risk management and how to help companies develop their cybersecurity posture, this industry is booming and ready for #girlpower!

Making the World a Better Place: Sustainability Through STEM

What choices and decisions would you make in design and manufacturing? Make products sustainable and low impact?  Sustainable product design plays a huge role in securing a healthy and safe future for the earth and the societies we live in.  In this workshop, you will learn about how a product’s footprint on the earth can be minimized by the way it’s designed, manufactured and transported, even for those products we use every day.  Students who participate in this workshop will have the opportunity to innovate with a team to design an eco-friendly product and see how STEM skills are applied in preserving our planet.

Power Up Your Pitch

Pitching a concept, project or idea can be overwhelming! But there are some proven communication techniques, that in small groups or on a big stage, can give YOU the confidence to speak, communicate and pitch like a pro! Join Sheli G in this fun and engaging workshop to learn proven communication strategies that will help you make the greatest impact in your pitch.

Robots of the Future

We want our online purchases now! With companies like Amazon providing 1 hour delivery times, other online retailers are scrambling to keep up. Careers in robotics and industrial automation are two of the most in-demand fields for new graduates. Learn how automation is getting products to consumers faster. Learn about robotics with a hands on electronics activity you get to take home.

Unlocking the Secrets Behind Pretty Plants

You may already know that plants are the basis for living things, but did you know there is a branch of science dedicated to studying that? This workshop will focus on the world of plant physiology and the desirable traits of plants that are developed over time so to keep pace with the growing human population and our changing lifestyles. Students will create a plant-based product and be given a view into the increasing number of science career opportunities that are out there. This class might just fulfill one of your hidden passions!

Wolves, Wildlife, and Conservation

What is ecology, how do we study wildlife, and why does it matter? In this workshop, you'll learn about the return of grey wolves to the Western United States, and the impacts of these wolves on the environment. We'll practice some of the methods scientists use to study large land mammals and get hands-on experience with wildlife collars, telemetry, and tracking.