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SHETECH EXPLORER DAY is a conference for high school girls 9th through 12th grade. Thousands of girls are able to engage with industry mentors and learn about STEM careers in a fun and no pressure interactive day.  Our goal is to show high school girls how fun, creative, and interesting STEM careers are through hands-on activities in science, technology, engineering, and math.  

Consider being an Organizer for SheTech in your area, if you care about these things:

  • Engaging young women in STEM careers.  You can play a vital role in inspiring hundreds of girls in your area.
  • Creating hands-on STEM experiences to inspire creativity.  Industry mentors are the key to SheTech success, they provide hands-workshops and TechZones booths.
  • Connecting young women to STEM education. Once young women see exciting STEM careers can be, we help them know the next steps to get there.
  • Delivering STEM industry internships and certification.  SheTech becomes a great doorway for young women taking the steps to make their career dreams come true.

We currently have SheTech Explorer Day happening in these regions:

          SheTech UVU (Central Utah) - March 3

          SheTech Weber (Northern Utah) - March 31

Women Tech Council has made it very easy for organizers to understand the SheTech model and easily incorporate in your region in a version that works for you!

About SheTech and Women Tech Council

Women Tech Council was created in 2007 with a mission to support economic growth in the technology sector.  Technology talent is a critical part of economic growth.  Women Tech Council started SheTech in 2014 to address the critical need of the lack of women in our STEM talent pipeline.  Over the past 3 years, 2500+ high school girls have attended SheTech and report 94% better understanding of STEM careers and 91% report greater interest in STEM degrees and careers.  We know this program directly impacts a high school girl's decision to choose a STEM career.



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