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April 15, 2020 at Mountain America Expo Center

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STEM Workshops


The core track includes introductory workshops across a huge range of careers to build your awareness of all the amazing career options you have with a STEM education.  Don’t worry if you don’t yet have ninja-level skills in these areas, these workshops are tailored to those who are exploring tech in every industry. 


So You Want to be a Hacker?
Come to learn more about malware, computer security, hacking and how to start communicating with your machine using BASH.
Robotics & Your Future 
Discover Electrical Automation & Robotics Technology (EART) and what it can do for your future. Find out what is going on in Robotics & Automation. Learn how you can get involved in the expanding industry. Hands on material includes unipolar motor, robotic arms and fun.
Sound + Sound = No Sound?!
This is something that can happen with waves if the conditions are right: waves can enhance or diminish each other. The effect is known as wave interference. If reflected waves interfere just right, waves that seem to be standing still result. We will explore standing waves on strings, in pipes, and in a plate. We will relate these phenomena to the basic sound behavior of many musical instruments. Repeating mathematical patterns elegantly arise from the geometric and physical properties of the string or plate and the pipe and air. Wave interference is used in tuning instruments by ear. In addition to music, we will also explore the technology behind noise-cancelling headphones and briefly outline the myriad of fields related to the study and application of sound waves, namely, acoustics.
Beauty & Brains: Cosmetic Chemistry 
In the workshop, after a brief introduction, we will be breaking the attendees into four groups that will each spend 5-7 minutes at 4 different tables. The first table will discuss natural cosmetics and the girls will help perform an antioxidant experiment. The second table will discuss color cosmetics and the girls will be able to help develop their own customized color for a color cosmetic. The third table will discuss the sensory testing that goes into the development of a new cosmetic and the girls will be able to feel different textures and smell different fragrances. The fourth table will discuss the development of cosmetic products and why certain ingredients are needed to make a stable, efficacious personal care product. The girls will be able to create their own lotion by combining water, oil, and an emulsifier/polymeric thickener and shaking it in a bottle.
Diamonds: Girls’ Best Friend
Come learn how engineering unlocked the power to make diamonds and see how we use their amazing properties to meet today’s challenges.
Fun Origami Math
Do you like to get ‘dirty’ with Origami and coloring?  Then attend this hands-on Origami workshop and learn how to use math to make an amazing 3-colored dodecahedron origami Buckyball! While you are making your Buckyball, you’ll learn about planar graphs, Hamiltonian circuits, and 3-edge coloring. Impress your friends with your Buckyball and the math behind it!
Build a Hologram Projector for your Smartphone
Learn about holography and the application of 3D image technology in science, education, and industry. We will talk about potential career paths and the types of companies innovating in this space. Following a short video, each participant will build a 3D projector that they can use with their cellphone to play a hologram-ready video. Additional DIY projects ideas for doing science using a cell phone will be presented along with a challenge to try and teach these ideas within their community.
Hacking Like a Disney Villain
Learn how cybercrime impacts your life and how cybersecurity is about protecting people from harm.
Candy Coding is Sweet
Did you know that a computer thinks in 1s and 0s? It’s a language called binary code‚ and you can speak it too! Come to this ‘sweet’ workshop and learn how to encode your name in binary using candy. No programming knowledge required. We’ll make ‘smarties’ out of all of you!
Mind Control and Physiology
Faster than a speeding jet! More powerful than your mind! Able to react at a moment’s notice! Yes, it’s your muscles and the reflexes that control them without the input of your brain. Explore the physiology of reflexes and gain a deeper understanding of your neural pathways.
Discover Your Future Career
Data Science
In this workshop, participants will take a “quiz” in order to discover potential career paths in technology. After completing the “quiz,” they will then learn how to analyze data by practicing with the group’s responses and will be armed with the tools they need to examine research in a critical way.
Character Animation to Game Engine
Learn how to make animations for video games. Make an animated walk cycle, export your animation to a sprite sheet, import your animation to a functional video game, and then playtest your animation using the Unity Game Engine!
Aquariums: Not just for Fish!
Could you train a dragon, if you had one? Would you know how to even take care of one? Join the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium’s education team for some animal edu-tainment. Don’t expect to see fish, but be prepared for some other scaly, slimy and even furry critters to help us introduce you to the world of animal education. Join us for water quality tests, animal presentations, and even learn to train your classmates! Come explore, discover, and learn with us as we dive into the world of animal care, training, and education.
Car Bots
You’ll enjoy a hands-on experience learning how to program the DT Car Bots to do a variety of things, including maneuvering through obstacles. By combining the right technology with the right people, Dealertrack DMS helps automotive dealerships achieve more. Come learn how technology can be amazing and fun!
Your Career DNA
Did you know that working in technology is not just coding? You don’t have to be a scientist or mathematician, you just have to be creative with the drive to get things done. Let us show you all the different roles you can play in the tech industry that help bring technology to the masses. From DNA research to predictive forecasting to owning the executive track, you’ll see why we love the tech industry and why we know there is a place for you! This is a fun, interactive session to prepare you for the diversity of roles available to you in technology.
Scientist for a Day!
Here at Nelson Laboratories, we test medical devices. Everything from a band aid to an artificial heart—we test these products to show they are safe for us to use! Come learn about the microorganisms we look for, and a hands-on demonstration of how we test these devices. We will have lab coats for you to wear as you walk through a day at Nelson Laboratories.
Laser Coding
We can have demos set up that include a Laser Alarm and a coding activity that has the student code to display their name on an OLED screen.
Fashion Coding
Who says you can’t love fashion AND technology! Some of the most innovative advancements in AI, computer learning and visual recognition are being developed for the fashion tech world. Come and see some of this technology at work. You will also learn an encoding called ASCII and will make a necklace with a secret message in binary encoded in it!
Design Your App
User Interface
Adobe XD is an app for doing it all wireframing, visual design, prototyping, previewing and sharing. In this tutorial, we will show you the basics to design and prototype using the new Adobe XD.  What you’ll learn: Crafting a design with Adobe XD, Re-using assets from Photoshop and Illustrator, Creating an interactive prototype from your design, Previewing your experience on mobile devices, Sharing the prototype with others to get feedback, and Handing off your designs to developers.
"Drive" Your Business
You’ve become the new owner of a car dealership and need to get the business up and running. Learn how to manage inventory and design the company’s website to promote and sell your cars.
Snaps and Hacks
Snaps, Hacks, and Scripting AKA The Joys of Coding on Linux.
Artificial Intelligence Voice Assistants
Artificial Intelligence
Learn how to build a conversation flow for voice assistants.
Food for Thought
Design Tech
User experience and website testing.
Build Actions for Google Assistant
Design Tech
Learn how to use Google Assistant to help organize your life, like create a to-do list, exercise plans, etc. We will be creating an action and publish on Google so it can be used by anyone across the world, using Firebase and Dialogflow (PRIOR KNOWLEDGE IS NOT REQUIRED).
The Magic of Chemistry
Explore the many ways chemistry is used for crime scenes, the cosmetic industry, and Hollywood special effects. Come create dry ice bubbles, see how vacuums can alter the shape of rubber toys, create an ombre dye, and participate in several other fun hands-on activities.
Build a Website with HTML and CSS
Have you ever wondered how websites are made? Join us to build your very own website! In this workshop, you will get hands-on experience with HTML and CSS, the markup coding languages used on the web! No previous experience required, we will help you every step of the way. Come have fun with us and gain new skills!
Change Lives and Change the World
In this workshop, girls can explore or spark a passion for teaching the STEM leaders of tomorrow. They will build an electric motor and see the pathway for tremendous opportunities to teach STEM.
Nutrition for a New Generation
Explore the ways that technology is enhancing our ability to provide individualized nutrition recommendations. Girls in this workshop will use new technology tools to assess their nutrition status and needs and create a personalized care plan.
The Magic of Measles
Medical Tech
We will generate data to simulate a measles outbreak. Then we’ll use this data to formulate a follow-up plan by creating vizualizations to look for clusters and patterns.
Sterile Processing
Medical Tech
How does medical equipment stay safe? Learn how wrapping instrument sets, peel packing single items, sterilization, and chemical indicators are used to keep things sterile. Learn how instruments like chest retractors, hemostats, and surgical scissors work and how we make sure they are not only clean but fully functioning. See where debris can hide in various instruments and why clean tools and environments are so important, especially with trauma surgeries.
Forensic Phlebotomy
Medical Tech
It’s all about blood and crime! Come learn about the role of people who have to draw blood for legal cases. You will see what a phlebotomist does, hear about the forensic aspect of it, and get to practice drawing blood yourself!
Wait ’til You See my Robot!
Usually, when we think of robotics we think of serious automation, which is great! But what if we could use robotics to express ourselves?
Healthcare Hyperinnovation
Career Skills
Calling all health care transformers! Join us in accelerating a health care problem statement to solution. Through a series of hands on exercises, you will gain experience with human centered design and crafting an elevator pitch. You will also gain an appreciation of the power of diverse voices, experiences, and perspectives to fuel new ideas. This session will be fun, fast, and filled with practical tips and advice from women that have successfully designed new companies and taken them to market. Start building your innovation muscle memory for your next big idea.
Code Your Escape
Problem Solving
Put your problem-solving, coding, math and collaboration skills to work to solve a series of puzzles and unlock treasure (which may involve candy)! This is an interactive, timed, escape room-inspired workshop that will leave you wanting more technical challenge in your life.

Advanced Tech Workshops


The advanced track includes workshops tailored to build upon your expertise in a particular area of tech to fully demonstrate some of the awesome career paths ahead of you.  You don’t need to be an expert to register for these workshops, the advanced track workshops will include more advanced material for those who already have some experience in these areas or have already attended an introductory workshop about the topic at a previous SheTech Explorer Day.

World Exploration Using VR
Virtual Reality
Imagine a game environment on your smartphone where the user travels to an airport, a grocery store, the doctor’s office or even Virtual Las Vegas while learning a language in the context of 3d virtual worlds. Come to our workshop and see how Language Training, Artificial Intelligence, Speech Recognition and Gaming technologies combine to “change the world of language learning forever.” FluentWorlds is already rated among the Top 60 Educational Apps in the world out of over 220,000.
3D Grafitti
3D Modeling
Learn how to work between 3 types of design software to create a super stylish 3D typography illustration. Create custom text in illustrator than make it 3D in the program Cinema 4D to give it textures and lights. Then drop it into Photoshop to add spray paint splats and grafitti like textures. Students will be selected from the audience to come up and draw what we will create together in the class.
Train a Computer to Think
Students will train a machine learning model to recognize questions by typing examples of how those questions could be asked. They will then use this in Scratch to make a character that answers those questions. This teaches how computers can be trained to recognize the intent behind writing and how chatbots are used to automate answering people’s questions.
Capture the Flag
A CTF (Capture the Flag) is a type of competition often found at professional cybersecurity conferences that gives participants a chance to solve riddles and security challenges, submitting their answers (flags) for points. The competition will introduce you to a variety of cybersecurity fields and concepts, while giving you a chance to hunt for the answers yourself. You’ll compete in teams of two and be able to ask for hints if you get stuck.
Python for Advanced Learners
Advance your skills in Python with this applied coding workshop.
Make it Animate
Learn how you can bring your characters to life. Adobe Character Animator has been taking the animation world by storm as the first software to do live animation. Making your expressions and movements animate your characters in real-time. So when you smile or nod your head, your character does, too. But that is not all it does‚ it also helps artists transform any Photoshop or Illustrator character into an animation with a very simple, yet robust toolset.
Experience Design for VR Environments
Design Tech
Come learn how the products and sites you use every day are constructed to leverage innate human learning characteristics, learned habits, and design trends to create engaging user experiences.
Raspberry Pi
Get your first taste of robotics! This class provides instruction and hands on experiments with a small single-board computer called the Raspberry Pi. We’ll program the Pi to react to motion and light events and instruct it to respond with lights and sounds. This class is targeted to students that already have a grasp of programming and are looking for something more advanced.

Tech Entrepreneurship Workshops

Learn what it takes to forge your own path in the world of tech, from conceptualizing new products to conquering the marketplace.  Come explore the vast array of STEM careers in smaller companies, from the novel to the niche.  Small companies can offer flexibility, speed, fun, and career advancement unheard of in larger companies — come see if you’re ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship!


Home Buying Tech
Tech Entrepreneur
If you are not a disruptor, you are being disrupted. Learn how to ask the important questions, analyze business processes, and apply automation and technology to make the world a better place. We will address all of the different positions that exist within a technology company disruptor so you can get an idea of where you might fit. Come open your eyes to the possibility of creating something unique with the education of STEM.
Lead like a Boss
Tech Entrepreneur
In this workshop, future leaders will evaluate feedback from employees of a company and will analyze these employee engagement and employee satisfaction scores. Then, the future leaders will collaborate to find solutions for these employees’ issues and will contemplate what it means to be an effective boss.
Invent Your Own Product
Product Development
First, participants in this workshop will be able to invent their own product. Then, the inventors will build a survey that allows them to collect feedback about their new product. Participants in this workshop will get an insight into how market research is conducted and they will learn how to turn customers into fanatics!
Project Management & To Do Lists
Tech Entrepreneur
Come learn how professionals track, manage, predict, and leverage analytics to keep projects on time and on budget.
Teen Startups
Design Thinking
Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business or inventing something really creative that helps the world become a better place? Or have you ever wondered how teen entrepreneurs get started?  In this fast-paced, hands-on, workshop, you’ll take the first steps in putting your ideas into action – including sharing your own 30-sec Shark Tank-like pitch! Plus, we’ll show you how easy technology has made it for teens to start their own businesses with YouTube, Google, and eBay.
Your Career DNA
Did you know that working in technology is not just coding? You don’t have to be a scientist or mathematician, you just have to be creative with the drive to get things done. Let us show you all the different roles you can play in the tech industry that help bring technology to the masses. From DNA research to predictive forecasting to owning the executive track, you’ll see why we love the tech industry and why we know there is a place for you! This is a fun, interactive session to prepare you for the diversity of roles available to you in technology.
"Drive" Your Business
Auto Tech
You’ve become the new owner of a car dealership and need to get the business up and running. Learn how to manage inventory and design the company’s website to promote and sell your cars.
Create the Product of Your Dreams
Product Development
In this workshop we will explore the Business Model Canvas. We will have a hands-on experience in developing products and market fit, as well as, the business model. This fun and interactive will use games and each participant will walk away with understanding how to answer the 9 key questions need to build a new product or business. We will also play with Design Thinking to prototype the business idea and then learn how to validate the assumptions made while developing the canvas.

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