SheTech @ Mountain America Expo Center Coming March 1st 2018

SheTech helps high school girls find their place in tech

In most of her computer classes, Southern Utah University professor Shalini Kesar sees only about five or six women for every 20 men.

This is a common trend, both throughout Utah and nationally. Women are the minority in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and careers, representing just 23 percent of the technology workforce in Utah. See full article here


Girls getting hands-on tech experience

Southern Utah University was full of teenage girls learning about 3-d printers, chemical experiments, and even LED jewelry. SheTech’s hope is to give girls from rural Utah experience in tech fields, as well as mentoring, to inspire them to seek out careers in science, technology, engineering and math. [More]

Southern Utah Girls get Hands-on Experience at SheTech

With over 130 students from across southern Utah in attendance, SheTech Explorer Day exposes high school girls to technology through workshops with tech companies, competitive problem-solving events and networking activities. Led by Dr. Shalini Kesar, associate professor of information systems, SheTech Explorer Day is hosted at Southern Utah University and involves current students, faculty, local and national businesses. Girls are attending from the St George and SUU SUCCESS Academies, Cedar City high schools, and Delta and Panguitch high schools. See full article here


High school girls try their hand with science, technology, engineering and math

CEDAR CITY –  Robotics, coding and 3D printing were just some of the activities more than 140 high school girls had an opportunity to explore Monday during the SheTech Explorer Day program.

The event, held on Southern Utah University campus, brought in several regional and national tech companies to provide girls from rural areas hands-on experiences and mentoring in areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). See full article here

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Who Can Attend SheTech?

CTE Directors

School Counselors

SheTech Platform

Take advantage of SheTech opportunities.






High School Curriculum




Over 250 internships are available to students who participate in the SheTech program. All girls who complete the SheTech program will have the ability to submit for interships through our industry partners. Internships with open the end of March.


The SheTech platform includes providing a list to STEM scholarships opportunities for girls.

High School Curriculum

The platform also includes pathways planning. Once the girls get exposure to tech and determine their interests we will work them to understand what classes to take and preparation they can do to head in to a career in STEM.


All girls that complete the Workshops, TechZone and TechChallenge will receive a certificate. In addition, Certiport is offering girls who come through the SheTech program the opportunity to complete an industry certification. To receive one of those certifications check the box on registration to get access to the curriculum.

Explore The Possibilities in Science and Technology!